Psych2Go What kind of dreams do you get? Okay about last night’s weird dream though…I became a little cub- I grew some fur on my face!! I had just fixed up my brows and everything over the weekend too It sounds so silly but I was really flustered in my dream Reblogging to watch later I don’t dream often but I had a weird one last night Starts out at some kind of facility with an outdoor lot filled with vehicles There is a triple rotor RC drone with colorful balloons attached to the top of it flying around at the edge of the lot but then the drone loses its balloons and it falls to the ground and the balloons float away I run to the drone to inspect it but as soon as I reach it I find myself in a large grassy field with mountain range in the distance Then a large number of hotrods muscle cars and motorcycles pull up from behind me they roll past me until an old man with long white hair on a motorcycle pulls up next to me and says “Grab a weapon and get on kid” I look down and at my feet are a small collection of swords axes and spears I grab an axe hop on the back of the old man’s motorcycle and drive off toward the mountains Then I woke up For years and years I dreamed about being chased or falling down endless cliffs in a car I don’t have them as much anymore thank goodness I never really know what I “confronted” or “accepted” to make those dreams stop though I have had those dreams where im lost chased etc since I was 4 years old Almost every night for the past six months I’ve dreamt that I got up and got dressed for work I wake up mope about like I normally do for a while get dressed go outside to catch the bus… and wake up again in my bed It’s ridiculous I’m constantly exhausted from having to get ready two or more times Meme



old man







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