fireyourowncannons: hanitje: Harry and Meghan Decides To Leave The Monarch I don’t give a flying elephant shit about the monarchy obviously but I didn’t have an opinion on this whole “crisis” until I learned just what the fuck people have been saying about Meghan and how vile some of the comments have been and you know what? Good for them. His comment above is about the most cutting thing I think he could say to the troglodytes saying awful shit about his wife. The boy has seen it before. Royal blood or not his mother was killed by the same sort of press obsession. I respect his decision to leave despite the fact no matter what he will absolutely be still well cared for and pampered. Wealthy or not, I have to give kudos for someone who stands up for those he cares about over bloodlines. Fuck the racists and the elitists and everyone in his family who’s been letting it happen and not saying a thing.

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