Im telling bro @lavell2822 Speed is helpful just like athleticism. If you're the fastest on the court then you have the option to use your speed to create MORE opportunities for yourself and your teammates. If you're the most athletic mf on the court then you have an advantage if you know how to use it at the right times. You jus possess something at a level that others around haven't reached or can't reach. It doesn't make u better than the rest all around but it's good to have some element of the game that the other players can't touch u at. N if your athleticism or speed is working for you and is what's getting NBA scouts flying out to see you play, then fuck what a mf say u don't have or won't be able to do in the league. S-O to @zionlw10 Show these mfs that everybody is gonna get that work!!! FGEshit

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