jamathon: tatestyles: sir-gentlemangeek: scorpionchild81: lostandfoundsince98: slincxa: watter-cat: payulettee: tiffanyandlovelylife: ebgmd: cyber-shopping-addiction: 🌟THE MOST ICONIC LAMPS ON SALE!! SALE UP 50% OFF! 🌟 SALE ENDS SOON! ***USE COUPON CODE: HAPPINESS FOR AN EXTRA DISCOUNT*** – GET THE 16 DIFFERENT COLORS MOON LAMP HERE – – GET THE ASTRONAUT LAMP HERE – – GET THE PHOTOS CLIP STRING LIGHT HERE – – GET THE FULL MOON LAMP HERE – – GET THE LED LIGHTS ROSE LAMP HERE – – GET THE MAGIC BOOK LAMP HERE – – GET THE SPIRITED AWAY LAMP HERE – – GET THE STITCH LAMP HERE – – GET THE PINK CHERRY BLOSSOM LAMP HERE – I really badly need this to my new room. Love the moon lamp. My girlfriend got me one for my birthday it’s beautiful. Highly recommend it. So pretty relaxing. It can be the white moon like shown or a harvest orange. *casually reblogs this so i don’t lose it* I have the moon and it’s the best thing ever. Such a good night light It looks amazing! I really recommend. Got one just like this as an anniversary gift it’s honestly the most meaningful, beautiful, precious gift I’ve ever received .. β€œI love you to the moon back” πŸŒ•πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ highly recommend getting for someone special. It’s comforting when it gets dark. I want all of them!!! Okay the magic book lamp is really cool. THE. BOOK. OMF wow i rly want the moon one