lessonsinsilence: lordrachaelmarissa: bando–grand-scamyon: suitepetite: nico-incognito: nerdyblackfangirl: asinine-sunshine: GO 👏 THE 👏 FUCK 👏 OFF. Also, the American educational system is trash. I applaud this child’s parents for giving her a voice and standing up against bias authority. (Can someone caption this?) Classroom full of mostly black and brown students: Black student: [unintelligible—and then]  …and then throwing everything away beneath it because it doesn’t pertain to you. I’m sorry — White teacher: —you know what, I’m sorry -I’m sorry… Black student: —No, no, no…I let you talk -I let you talk, you’re gonna let me talk. [Other students gasps] White student: Go ahead. Finish. Black student: I’m sorry that this is the way that it is. You’re right, it is fucked up. But white people control everything…and that’s not fair. And when anybody, any other minority tries to say anything about it or change it, we’re complaining or we’re ungrateful or all this other stuff because we still have this or that. But then you say something about ‘Oh, I don’t want—there’s too many Latinos and there’s too many—’ White teacher: I didn’t say that— [Various students disagree] White teacher: I said I want to control the border! Black student: You said you don’t want this to turn into a Latin country because there’ll be too many  White teacher: I did not say that. [Various students disagree] Student 2: You said you want to preserve the American culture. Black student: There is no American culture. American culture is EVERYTHING. [Various students agree] Random: Mayonnaise! [Students laugh] Black student: And because you are white and so closed-minded, you refuse to accept that, you refuse to accept— White teacher: Don’t tell me I’m closed-minded— Black student: Everything you’ve said to me is closed-minded. White teacher: Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m closed-minded. Black student: You don’t need to agree—I -I’ve had conversations with people that don’t agree with me, but if they at least listen and try to accept—you’re not accepting the truth. White teacher: Why do I have to accept what you think is right? Black student: You need to accept the truth! Not what I think is right, what is actually happening right— White teacher: Well, let me tell you what I think. You said white people have been in control of everything….who is the president of the United States right now?! Students: A black man! *Various sounds of incredulity* Black student: WITH A WHITE CONGRESS! WITH A WHITE SENATE! WITH WHITE EVERYTHING ELSE! HE DOESN’T HAVE THE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING! Random: GO OFF  Other Random: GO OFF– *The class is in an uproar* Random student: YOU ARE SO PRIVILEGED THAT YOU JUST DON’T SEE IT! White teacher: Do we have to yell?! Black student: Yes, because I’m mad. Reblogging for the captioning. Thanks! YES, BECAUSE I’M MAD. This gives me hope. I’m 22. I’m not that old, but I’m assuming I’m older than these students in the video. To see this young intelligent woman school her teacher on white privilege and the affects of white supremacy gives me hope. They are young and using their voice! This is gives me hope ya’ll.  this👏student👏deserves👏an👏award👏for👏putting👏up👏with👏that👏teacher👏

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White People

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