This morning at work I chalked up a loss. I still feel the pain in my bones - it is a state of shell shock. In my world, in the professional sandbox in which I play, you try to arrange the pieces perfectly, lock off on every contingency, cross every t, dot every i, execute with surgical precision. And even with all of that, sometimes you take a loss. It is a painful experience to which one never gets numb. But everything is a matter of perspective, beloveds. We do not actually take losses. We win or we learn (I was at a Chicago Fire (soccer team) match this past weekend and I saw a little girl with her papa like you could tell she was the apple of his eye and played sports and he did things with her that you usually do with a son and she had on a hoodie with her team name on the front and that phrase on the back so it stuck with me!) We do not lose. We win or we learn. Internalize that, beloveds. I will try to do the same, myself. Always a work in progress. May God bless all of you in your endeavors! 🤲 We need his assistance and without him we are helpless. Bless up ❤️