meah- HELEN!!? AMÍ A while back you asked me Por advice on balancing hero stufF with your personal life But I can now! I'm sorry l didn't get a chance to answer then Why don't you tell me a little more about YOU? CT Oh well I just started art school and between that and my jobs it's hard to manage my time haha But medication and student loans aren't gonna pay For themselves you know? Sometimes I get so stressed I just want to curl up in a ball and cry haha School multiple jobs and moonlighting as a superhero? That's a lot to take on kiddo! Well Are your parents helping you? Actually AMi They kinda cut me off what? I haven't been in touchwith my family For like about a year MOM LEUEL MOM-SENSES TINGLING They don't like my powerg They don't like my art or my hair They don't like that l'm They s-stl call K-xevin Karen RED ALERT MOM LEDEL MOMERGENCY !-ENGAGING MOM MODE-! Honey listen to me You're so brave you know that? It's not easy to be true to yourself when the world wants you to be something else I IL Did I Say something wrong? l'm sorry And I hope you never stop because you're something really special Karen You're perfect just the way You are No no I just wish my mom had said something like that MOMLEUEL MAMA BEAR MODE ACTIUATED ADOPT 10 IMMINE T-1 come over For dinner! t's taco O-oh l love tacos night ぐ O Mt yamino This was originally going to be a lot longer but I ran out of steam! I have some thoughts to continue it later if I feel up to it!-YaminoPS Shoutout to my wife @summerlightning for helping me bounce off ideas and editing the text! Meme


Come Over









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