MoviePass applies subscription model to movie ticket sales acquiring 2 million subscribers faster than Netflix Hulu and Spotify MoviePass a movie-ticket subscription service that allows users to attend one movie a day for $695 a month reducing the cost of a single ticket to significantly less than the national average is about to surpass 3 million total users in its first 5 months ___ As streaming services like Netflix and Hulu increase in popularity movie theaters have been trying to reinvent the theater experience by reimagining the concession counter and making seats more luxurious Even so theater attendance did not increase in 2016 and experts are predicting a 4 percent decline in 2017 a 22-year low ___ Movie pass provides hope for attendance numbers in the future even though theater companies are wary of the introduction of the new service When Lowe announced the plan for the cut-rate subscription service back in August AMC Entertainment North America’s largest multiplex operator released a warning statement saying the company is “not welcome here” and threatening legal action ___ The ticketing firm was launched by a former founding executive of Netflix Mitch Lowe Lowe said in a recent statement “We’re actually shocked” adding “We seem to have hit a nerve in America” Even though AMC execs are not interested sharing admissions or concessions revenue Lowe claims the goal of his company is simply “to strive for mutually beneficial relationships” Meme











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