MY DAILY SHOULDER MOBILITY DRILL The shoulder dislocate is a drill I do on the daily. Most of my patients can attest to me grabbing the PVC and doing a few of these while we run through exercises.πŸ˜… . It takes the shoulder joint through a full circumduction motion and will help you build and maintain excellent shoulder mobility, making it one of my ☝ top recommendations for anyone sitting at a desk all day as it opens up the thoracic spine and pecs, helping get you out of that kyphotic, rounded shoulders posture. And the best part is, you can do it right at 🏠 home or in the gym with a broomstick, PVC pipe, or band. . I like to warm up the tissues by doing 15 reps of πŸ™‹ one arm up and over at a time and then repeat in the other direction. Then go into the full dislocate where you move πŸ™† both arms back and forth. . If you have really tight shoulders, you'll need to start out at the widest grip length or use the band. As your shoulders open up, you can start a bring the hands in. Make sure to keep the ribs ‡ down so that you create motion only at the shoulder and don't hyperextend the lumbar spine. . Add it into your routine once or twice every day this week and you'll feel much better come Friday. πŸ˜„ . 🎡 - Rakeem Miles - A Dollar A Day Prehab101

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