RUSSIA IS IN THE HANDS OF THE CLINTONS, NOT THE TRUMPS... Russia did not influence any votes or collude with Former candidate Donald Trump during the election. The Democrats continue to dig a hole straight beneath their feet! It keeps getting deeper and deeper! The investigation into this Russia BS will only continue to damage the Democrat party even further than they can ever imagine! The Democrats have no policy, no message, and frankly no party! They've self destructed. Hillary Clinton THE FORMER FIRST LADY and SECRETARY OF STATE transferred 20% of Americas uranium to PUTIN CONTROLLED RUSSIA! That was happening as Russian investors donated $145 million to the Clinton foundation!! Where is the investigation into that? That's only the beginning of the massive Russian-Democrat relations and it's not being investigated! Robert Muller, the piece of garbage in charge of the investigation into Trump is a Hillary supporting liberal! His staff helping him along with this garbage are also all Democrats! That's not a fair investigation at all... We the people should be enraged about this! WHERE ARE OUR PROTESTS?! WE NEED TO FIGHT HARDER! 🇺🇸MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN🇺🇸 Trump Trump45 PresidentTrump Feminists Feminism Feminists Women Men BLM BlackLivesMatter AllLivesMatter Republican RepublicanPresident RepublicanHouse RepublicanSenate UnitedStatesOfAmerica Politics Democrat Democratic Muslim Hispanic Liberal MakeAmericaGreatAgain Trump2020 KeepAmericaGreat March4Trump kidrock