Happy earthday Nina Simone. Are you being useful to your people, your culture and yourself? Are you nourishing your temple with alkaline, electrical life foods. Are you teaching others what you know, not just for a fee, because the divine knowledge bestowed upon you didn't cost you anything. Are you building with your people, or are you only investing in other communities, we aren't all one big happy community, if we were then Africans wouldn't have and own the least money, resources and power globally. Are you practicing health care not sick care... don't only eat well when you are sick, food is medicine, medicine is food. If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem. What are you doing to better yourself so that you can be useful to your culture? Are you practising group economics? Are you practicing self (knowledge of) education. What are you going to leave behind for your children, they can't eat Instagram pictures. Having a "good body" is not a good enough reason for existing, who are you uplifting. Do you spend too much time on your phone and not enough time bettering yourself. You know you need to stretch, you know you need to workout more, you know you need to meditate, you know you need to work on your relationships with your family. Are you going to have an amazing year? It won't just happen, you need to be proactive. What are you doing for the people where you live? Are you going to stop having sex with random, trying to find love without spirituality. Are you trying your hardest to be the best human being you can be? I am, that is why I am always happy ā¤ chakabars