00000 Verizon ? 706 PM Safety Check Paris Terror Attacks SAFETY CHECK 4 friends are in the affected area 2 friends are marked safe 2 friends are not marked safe yet Q Search friends Are you in the affected area? Let your friends know you're safe I'm in the affected area ABOUT THE CRISIS PNR du brnon Vexin Francais Goussainville Mantes-la- Jolie Merblay Saint- Denis Mitry- Mory Meaux Notifications News Feed Requests Messenger More kim drew Follow @museummammy Wow new Facebook feature lets friends check-in during crises 103 AM Today Notifications Today f Facebook now Are you OK? It looks like you're in the area affected by Paris Terror Attacks Let friends know that you're safe Matt McDermott Follow @mattmfm Nice Facebook And yes yes I am 704 PM - 13 Nov 2015 · Paris lle-de-France France t7 50 78 Kat Kinsman Follow @kittenwithawhip Suddenly really grateful for that Facebook I'm safe alert Seems a lot of my friends are in Paris right now & it helps to know they're OK 708 PM - 13 Nov 2015 17 4 41 micdotcom Facebook’s safety check feature is bringing relief in the wake of the Paris attacks Facebook responded quickly to the Paris attacks A feature called Facebook Safety Check first released in October 2014 started to pop up almost immediately after Friday’s news broke It allows you to notify friends with your safety status view which of your friends are in the affected area and even mark others as safe On Friday the year-old tool proved to be a popular inestimably helpful feature and an unexpected blessing for many users Meme











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